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Friday, September 17, 2010

Archive Song List #22

The Helio Sequence


Nashville Skyline
Carry you home

The Cure
Edge of the deep green sea

It's here

Isn't it great to be stimulated? To feel invigorated. Your eyes are a little wider and you feel totally aware of your surroundings.

A multitude of things can engender this feeling - a beer, a kiss, a cup of coffee (I prefer green tea), a cool breeze, an unexpected surprise...

Changes... they normally don't have this same effect. Typically I'll be nervous, methodical, uneasy.

But, as with seemingly so many things, there is a choice regarding how you handle the things that are happening in your life. You can fret over the lack of control that you have. The intimidation of trying something new... or you can embrace the ambiguity of it all and know that no matter how you mess it up, you'll have a chance to fix things or move on at a later date.

I've been drowning trying to figure out which amount of cubic feet within a fridge best represents me as an individual.

Oh how my college self would hate me now.

I've decided that today and tomorrow and...

is about acceptance. About energy. And optimism.

As I move into my new house, as I start my new career, as I figure out a new relationship, it's time to accept that some things in life are simply an adventure. That you can't plan for everything... and sometimes the plans you do make will completely fall apart. That the reckless part of your youth, when you pushed to button just to see what happens... that sometimes isn't the worse course of action. It's better than being paralyzed by analysis and doing nothing.

And if it's a mess...

a disaster...

and leads to utter mayhem...

you can clean it up later.