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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Image of the Day + extra

I disagree with the caption.

Not a House fan and I'm still (and will always be) a HUGE Jen fan.

Brad is a freaking fool.

Cole-train tagged me (plus 300 or so people) on her blog and hit us off with the following questions:

1. Name 5 songs on your mixed cd from high school.

Ha ha. I was totally into the R&B scene back then. And a little harder rock.

R. Kelly
- Half on a Baby
Shai - Together Forever
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive
DMX - The Convo
Jesse Powell - You

Freaking embarrassing. Except for Deftones, they are still legit. (and that Shai song is still good... shhhhhh) Great question!!

2. What is your favorite board game of all time?

Umm... does chess count? If not I think Scattagories has shot up the charts. I could never get my parents to buy me MouseTrap, I think I would have really enjoyed that. I got it for my niece and guess who is going to play that with her when she finally opens it?? Guilty!

3. What is the strangest thing you have ever done with your hair?

The music thing isn't embarrassing enough, eh? Alright, for a very brief period in high school I had short hair but really long bangs. And I'd either let them hang or slick it back. ... You don't have to know me to know that it wasn't good. I remember talking to my ex-girlfriend during the summer while she was away on vacation and telling her that I cut my hair and made it all even. She asked if we could get back together. ...

Thank God high school is over. Freak...

Thanks Cole for having me dredge up those memories. For that I made a gift for you:

Hope you enjoy Eclipse tonight!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unrequited love

You'll have to excuse me for such a personal post. There's hardly anything more agonizing and poetic than unredeemed love. When you desires go unfulfilled and your hopes and expectations lay listless on the ground like wilted petals.

When you think of them and you can swear you can catch a familiar scent in the air.

When you let your eyes fall shut you swear that you can nearly taste a lingering of them in your mouth.

Oh, twenty piece Chicken Nuggets, you dirty little tease, how I've longed for you...

I've been craving these delicious little morsels for about three weeks and I've done pretty well to avoid temptation... that was until this past weekend.

I was hanging out with my niece and Ice Age was on TV for the 2392834th time and we of course HAD to watch it. She'd keep falling asleep against me and when I'd move my arm to change the channel she'll sit up for a second and shake her head no and then slowly slouch back against my arm.

Hard for a person to be less than ten years old and have a vintage move, but she manages this and that's hers.

At some point I fall asleep and when I open my eyes next my gaze falls upon two plates that had been set near us. What must have been my plate was marked with some Taco Bell, which I could tell because her plate sported some TBell and... (drool) Chicken Nuggets. I rub my eyes to make sure I'm not hallucinating. My family never gets fast food and if we did we surely wouldn't go to two places for one meal, right?? I find myself trying to convince myself that her plate is the Fresco menu one and mine is the Heaven with Tacos on the side. She snuggles against me, still sleeping. Peaceful. Beautiful. Oblivious.

My body started working on its own. I opened the Sweet and Sour sauce with one hand (left at that!) as it made that sweet vsshh sound. Did she wake up?!? I looked under my right arm in horror to check... Nothing. I breathe easy and pick up a nugget. I still try to reconcile the guilt... there are TEN nuggets. There is absolutely NO CHANCE she eats more than six. With tacos as well? Probably won't even get through 3. I'd be doing her a favor...

I dip and I have a huge smile on my face. If I'm going to hate myself later, I'm going to love life and all its small blessings right now.

Are you feeding me?
[look down with wild eyes] What?
Nuggets!?! (quiet, but sleepily excited. She shuts her eyes again.)
[if I don't move she'll fall back asleep]
They smell goooood.


3 Nuggets consumed right in front of me. By my hands!! She nods off again.

(very quietly) Here you go, Ishu!
[sleep kiddo]
Wake up! Here's one more!
If you don't eat this one, I will.
[You have NO idea]
She opens her mouth.
[It's a yawn!!]

I look to the side and stuff the nugget in my mouth thinking Don't look at me! I sit back and watch the squirrel wrestle for the acorn on the TV and I feel sedated. The guilt was worth it. I wake her up and feed her the rest of her food. She stops after nugget 7.

[her 7 + my 1 = 8... TWO LEFT!?!]
Hey kiddo, can you finish?
No, I don't want any more. Do you want it?
[already chewing] Um, sure.

I hold the last one in my hand. This is the one I've been waiting for. No Guilt. No Rush. All the time in the world and I'm going to savor every last moment. I give it my bedroom eyes as I dunk it in the sauce. My mom walks in, "oh, can I have one?" I look at her. And then the nugget. Then her. I nod and look down as I hold it out for her and she takes it with happy teeth.

Archive Song List 14

Neon Trees




Here Comes Your Man

My current wallpaper:
I hate that I love this photo of the oil spill.

And this week's songs were specifically selected to get my bud excited for tomorrow night. =)

Image of the day + Weekend Recap

Well, that right there is the image of the day.

So looks like we're onto the weekend recap. When you get a weekend recap on Tuesday it was either a really good weekend or really bad weekend. Or a weekend with really good parts and really bad parts.

The last one applies here.

Some of you may have noticed that I was pretty amped for the weekend. Soccer + Friends + Drinks + Game night + Golf.

Well, let's simplify: number 3 on that list eliminated 5 from that list. =)

Game night. Legit. Such a good time and it's amazing what being around solid individuals can do for your spirit. You don't need to be doing something amazing to enjoy yourself fully... but it does help when you're drinking and playing Scattagories. Such a fun night and even capped it off with some hilarious Friends episodes.

Woke up early and headed over to my buddy's place. We had a plan in-place to work out and then enjoy the day of drinking, soccer, and bar games. When I got there it turned into skipping the workout and having breakfast at a dive bar (this bar is amazing -- basically Planet Hollywood on heroin-- almost pitch-black all day long, terrible 80s movies posters everywhere, foul-mouthed staff... just perfect. Ordered the 'Indigo Montoya' omelet with a bloody mary and screwdriver as we watched Young Guns 2 on the projector. Stellar. Then we made our way to the sports bar.

So now the bad parts of the weekend. US lost, as most of us should know. Suck. After that some guy across the bar started spouting off about "my" country receiving aid and how I should just be grateful to be visiting "his" country. It didn't even escalate verbally from there.

(I'd like to believe that most people know I'm a nice guy.
I'm also pretty laid back. The thing about that is that we all have aspects of our self. We all have personas that we wear as masks depending on the situation and audience. Sometimes it's just a dash of cayenne, some added flavor, like when you're disciplining a child and you need to be a little stern, but you're still you. ... And then there's the other kind, the kind where people who know you wouldn't recognize you at all.)

I essentially snapped.

Thankfully there were enough friends, patrons, and bouncer (only one, I'm not that strong, haha) to restrain and prevent me from getting involved in something about as idiotic as his comments. Displeased with myself. It's freaking Arizona. I run into these tools on a semi-regular basis... no excuse not to handle this better.



I mean a lot of Lost.

Over ten episodes. I was upset with myself for losing my temper so I placed myself in the penalty box and didn't let myself leave my room. It was actually pretty awesome.

Monday, June 28, 2010

(I'm) Lost - Entry 5

Was pretty hungover yesterday which presented an awesome opportunity to catch up on some Lost. I think I stopped enjoying myself about halfway through and just demanded to have answers revealed, which, unsurprisingly, didn't happen.

Season 2 Progress:
1---------------------------------------24--26 (yes, that's ten episodes slain yesterday)

My current enjoyment level with the show:


Good thing I tossed Anna-Lucia into that blender when I had the chance... "Henry" was probably the biggest part of the episodes I just wrapped up. He's a weird dude. Micheal has been compromised and he offed Anna and ... lynn?... Hurley's would be girl. I don't know if I'll ever warm up to wide-load. I liked his imaginary friend more than him.

Mr. Eko is really growing on me. I like the story between Jack and his father.

There are two episodes left in the season. I'm excited to finish up this season:

Micheal is leading the group into a trap, Sayed is on the boat and they are approaching The Other's camp. So I'm excited to see what happens (I'm ready for Micheal to die) and...

they FINALLY brought back Desmond. They even did a little bit of a backstory episode on him, which was awesome.

Still don't like Claire. I'm actually more okay with Jack now. Sayed has been out of the loop. Ohh... I don't give a f about Rose or Bernard.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking forward to...

In no particular order, but I'll number it anyways because I'm baffling like that...

1. Let's just get this one out of the way, A FREAKING HOUSE WOULD BE TREMENDOUS! 6+ month hunt is oooooooold.

This little mama is my current objective. (doesn't look like a Phoenix home, huh?? That's a-why I like the juice)

Vegas is incredible. Yes, for the reasons that you're thinking but also for the reason that it's the modern day version of a carriage turning into a pumpkin:

Today --> Tomorrow
DRINKING!! --> ugh... drinking
GAMBLING!! --> aww... gambling
So many people! --> SO MANY PEOPLE!?!
Bright lights!! --> Turn that ish off... I'm hungover

3. Inception
LOVE movies but it's rare that I'll anxiously await a release. Dark Knight and Matrix Reloaded come to mind.

I already love this movie, I just can't believe I won't see it when it comes out because of #2.

4. This weekend

Game night + Drinks?
Yes, please.

Morning soccer + beer?
Thank you.

Evening movie + Bacardi + carne asada?
Don't mind if I do.

Play Golf + watch soccer?
Why not?

5. 4th of July

Confession: Never had a great 4th of July.

I've been stuck in a huge crowd trying to meet up with girlfriends (3x)

Stuck in traffic (2x)

Dealing with family drama (6348x)

But this year will be different.

Spending it with close friends and celebrating a youngin's birthday helps put things in perspective. And BBQs. How have I screwed up prior 4ths when BBQs are abound is beyond me.

6. Five o'clock

Yes, this would technically be the same thing as number 4, but I'd like to think of it this way...

It's like Airwolf ending and Knight Rider beginning. You COULD just celebrate Knight Rider (i.e. AWESOMENESS) starting, but it's also important to document the weaksauce (Airwolf) ending.

And with that we wish you a fantastic weekend.

Why More People Need to Talk to Themselves

I can't remember where I heard it, but there's this factoid that I'll never forget:

On average men speak 5,000 words a day
On average women speak 20,000 words a day

When men exceed 5k words a day they were noted as being lethargic and drained. (useless)
When women didn't hit their 20k allocation they were found to be restless and uneasy. (batty)

I don't know if the study talks about the converse of these things, like what happens if women went over their average or if men didn't hit their average. And the latter part is something that I'd be DEFINITELY interested in.

A lot of dudes have no idea when to shut the **** up.

Am I completely immune to this chastising? Of course not, I have a freaking blog, but I'd like to think that I have a sense for when someone is trying to bow out of a conversation. For the uninitiated (everyone I work with... one awesome exclusion) here are some tips:

If the person you are talking to resorts to monosyllabic and passive responses like "yeah", "sure", "hmm", "oh", "eh", "mmm", "f*************CK", they either don't care or they don't care to waste their precious word limits on what you're talking about.

Probably both.

If you are laughing at your own jokes and you can't even get a curtosy laugh from your audience, you are more than likely currently pillaging someone's soul.

If you are talking to someone and they WALK AWAY from you mid-sentence, do not follow them and continue... what is wrong with you?!?!?

If the person you are talking to throws their head back and their mouth is agape, as if welcoming the insertion of flaming coals to end the misery, either stop babbling or get your tongs out and grant them sweet release.

So maybe that's what happens when guys don't hit their 5k average, they become unemphatic lunatics that find the sound of their own voice delicious? I get paid to do a JOB, not to get beaten into submission by terribly unfunny jokes or stories. So maybe if more people talked to themselves in their car on the drive into work (guilty) perhaps they wouldn't buckshot their insanity on anyone who happens to make the mistake of filling up their water cup.

(I'm) Lost - Entry 4

My bud reminded me that I was falling behind on my Lost watching. Another one of the annoyances of home shopping, my discretionary time is less discretionary.

Season 2 Progress:

My current enjoyment level with the show:


An episode on Kate and what she did. I think they did a great casting job with Kate. She has that puzzling allure that is mysterious and hot at the same time. Her offing her Dad was pretty sweet. She spotted a horse in the jungle. Here's one of the annoying things about the show--- the saw (and killed) A F'ING POLAR BEAR. But Sawyer and Kate are in disbelief that a horse can be on the island. ... Yeah. Let's not sweat the polar bear but freaking Seabiscuit mobs in and jaws hit the ground???

Now, Kate's shock was a little more understandable because it looked like the same horse (was the same horse?) as the one that she saw as she escaped the police. There was some additional setup for Kate and Sawyer getting together at some point. Kate kissed Jack in a bitch move. Doesn't he know the bad boys always get the girl?? They are softening up Anna Lucia's character, at least a little.

The second episode was about Mr. Eko. Badass name. We got his backstory about the freedom fighters/drug running in Africa and the plane that was on the island. Mr. Eko and Lock watched the missing piece of the training video where it specifically tells you to not use the computer for anything else other than the numbers. We also have Micheal in the hatch supposedly talking to Walt on the computer. Doesn't look good for Big Mike. The biggest part of the episode seemed to be the smoke monster actually shown. It approaches Mr. Eko and it seems like there are figures, people, in the smoke. It hovers for awhile and then leaves. If I didn't hear about the smoke monster in passing I probably would have lead in with a WTF was that.

Person that I least want holding a machete when I'm standing near them:

Killed two mofos with one slice!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Image of the day

This is a photo I made for a friend of mine, the #1 John Cusack fan.

(you're actually not number 1 though till you see Grosse Point Blank 52 times)

Unbeknownst to me, she was working on the same project.

There is something incredibly charming about Paint.

Bravo, lady. Bravo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Archive Song List 13

Andrew Belle

Oh My Stars

Nashville Skyline
Carry you home

Death Cab for Cutie
We Looked Like Giants

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty 30

One of my closest friends is celebrating his 30th today.

We're pretty much inseparable when we're in the same town and people tend to notice that we have a close friendship when we go out.

So, wow, quite a few years ago we started a game that I'll clue you in on.

People always ask us, "so, how'd you guys meet? how come you guys are so close?"

That was getting kinda tiresome so we started doing that thing where you make up a story and pass it to the other person. Past stories include (but are not limited to):
- i stole his girl
- he stole my girl

- we met during a threesome (with one of the girls from above)
- i saved his life during rock climbing (complete with hand gestures)
- he taught me how to salsa dance outside of a club so i could take home a latin girl

It has been an interesting year for him; tragic and revitalizing. I'm astounded by his growth and courage through adversity and I'm going to make him actually click on my blog link so he can see this himself.

Love you, Tito Von Broseph...

Image of the day

Monday, June 21, 2010

How I feel today

Two ways to approach a Monday:

1) Duck and cover and wait for the sweet release of 5pm

2) Be aggressive.

I'll let the video speak for me as far as which path I've chosen.

Image of the day + Monday Babble

This picture has probably saved my job. Venting on Facebook would NOT be a good idea.
A weird week ahead. Like I ACTUALLY have work to do. I drink coffee about once every three months, and I'm drinking it this morning. It's the worst coffee I've ever had. That seems like I'm exaggerating. Or because I'm in this particular moment now with this particular cup of coffee and I'm not fairly assessing my entire history with coffee, but trust me, it's true. Whoever in my office that brewed this has a cast iron tongue. And I'm not going to add sugar or creme or anything... when something is this bad I like to make a game of it. To see how much pain I can take (that Twilight mini marathon comes to mind!... KIDDING!!)

I hope everyone (all two or three of you) had a nice Father's Day weekend. I've never been able to conjure much (read: any) excitement for Father's Day, but yesterday was a little different because there are some daddies that are around my age and I really enjoy learning from them.

Highlight of the weekend
My dad is selling "our" (ahem, HIS) Porsche. It's a 1969 911 and I've had many fights with my father about taking that car from him and letting me paint it black. No deals. (I had this first quarrel with my father after I saw Cruel Intentions and I wanted an old classic ride to roll around in. Though I'm pretty sure that car was just a bit hotter than this one)

Anyhow, since he's about to sell it, we had to get it up and running over the weekend. So getting your hands dirty a little bit and then joyriding in a machine that is single-handedly pillaging the ozone isn't a bad way to end the weekend.

It's F'ING GREEN?!?! Who would do that in '69??

Will be sad to see it go.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Too dumb, too awesome

This is awesome

Cloud 9


And happy.

Elated, really. Laughed at traffic on the way in. They played Bittersweet Symphony on the radio for me alone. Caught green lights all the way in.

Fuel is in the car. Sun is in the sky. And it's FRIDAY.

Undeniably untouchable today. :D

I love the world today. Though people may hate that I love the Lakers too, it's part of my charm.

So I offer you a gift. The gift of knowledge.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 refers to the national weather service's labeling of cloud types. The altitude of clouds are assigned numbers. Can you guess the number of the highest clouds? I believe that you can.

Image of the day

Caught Cheating

Tears literally rolled down my face when I saw this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Image of the day

Sub out class for place and that pretty much sums up work right now. It's silly of me to complain, I'm getting paid to not do a whole lot right now, but I like keeping busy. Last fall 50-60 hour weeks were the norm, so perhaps this is just a balancing out -- but it's not like they'll let me out at 3pm with a juice box because I'm light on obligations.

But if that DID happen, I'd grab this and dip out...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My wallpaper

I'm all about wallpapers on my computer. I don't change them up as much as I should, but I really enjoy trying to find what I'll throw up there next. I'm going to keep a record of this rotation.

For the past two weeks or so it's been:

LOVE the title.

Big ups to Laudner for sharing this one with me.

Nice way to start the day...

The face kinda goes with the shirt... hahaha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game seven, best thing in sports

So, I've made a concerted effort to not make sports an active topic on my blog, but I have to say, Game Seven, fools. What's better than a game 7???

There are too many things where you have to wait for x or y variable to be resolved before you know the answer, but at the conclusion of game 7 on Thursday we'll know who the best bball team on the planet currently is.

And yes, I'm entirely aware that most people (any people?) that happen upon this blog will be anti-Lakers.

Such is life.

But I want to see Kobe with this look on Thursday night:

And we'll have to wait to Thursday to see if I'm devastated or elated... wouldn't have it any other way. BUT I will say that anyone who reads this blog should have some sort of sentiment for me and, thus, should give the Lakers a pass....

Not happening, huh?

Was worth a shot. Us against the world, lake show.

Archive Song List 12

Local Natives

City and Colour
Hello, I'm in Delaware

More than Life

This is where one of my best friends got married last September.

Oregon -- I miss you terribly.

Head up, Keanu!

I seem to be on a rather bold streak as of recently. To this end I thought that I'd call attention to today, a very important day.

It's cheer up Keanu Reeves day.

I was a huge fan of The Matrix (not quite tattoo on body fan) but I've seen the first Matrix well over 40 times.
But I'm not ashamed to say (at least today I'm not) that I OWN the following Keanu movies:

  • Matrix 1, 2, & 3
  • A Walk in the Clouds
  • Sweet November
  • The Lake House
  • Constantine
  • The Replacements (I can blame this one on an ex)

So why is today cheer up Keanu day?

Well, someone snapped a photo of him sitting alone on a bench eating a sandwich and looking rather... despondent.

So this internet phenomenon has been going on. And some very talented Photoshoppers have done some pretty awesome pictures based on the above. Here are some of my favorites:

Now certainly people are having fun with this a little, but Reeves has been known for his amazingly generous acts. An example of this is how he made 70 million on the Matrix franchise and he felt the special effects team was underpaid for the work they did. He gave them 50 million (about 1.2 per person) to make up the difference. He is a Buddhist and has a very tranquil concept regarding possessions and money, which I completely admire.

Anyhow, yes, I'm a Keanu Reeves fan. Yes, I do like him as an actor. Yes, I have seen Daniel Day Lewis movies and he's a phenomenal actor --- far, far better than Keanu, but I still love him as an actor and his movies.

More about this day and Keanu's generous acts.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday = Pragmatic Bu

One of the things I'll really enjoy about blogging is that I'll be able to have a record of where my mind was throughout the year. I've never kept a diary and most years I forget what my new years resolutions are far before the year is over.

I'm incredibly self-absorbed. It's almost disgusting how much so I am. But this self-reflective nature of mine of involves questioning my contributions to the world and just my little world... so I like to make sure that I'm a better person so I can better serve the public, my family, and my friends.

So 2010 is nearly half over. It's a good time to check the temperature and see how the year has been coming along.

It'll require more thought to place a tick on all of these things, but this is off the top of my head how I'll evaluate year 29 of my life and year 2010. (this is actually a snippet of how I actually think)

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
It's interesting how one's career takes a greater priority as we get older. I feel like I'm the same kid at heart, but every few years it feels like I acquiesce and make a concession of sorts. I dreamt of being an astronaut. I wondered about being an architect. I should have been a writer. And now the question is whether to play it safe or to take a shot. To sell out more for a higher degree and higher salary or to gather some friends and try to build something on our own and help all of us feel a greater sense of pride and accomplishment from our careers.

Now would be the time to take such a risk. I don't have my own family to speak of, but that's not the case for all of my buddies. And their situations are something that I definitely factor into the equation.

Living Situation
Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
This is simultaneously insignificant and critical. Where I live and the finances that surround that question will impact every day afterward, but while I like my taste I can get by with something very basic.

I'm honestly interested to see which direction I go. Where I decide to live, if I rent or buy, will it be a house or condo, how much will I stretch myself financially? -- Pretty legitimate questions that I honestly don't have the answer to...

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
Well, we touched on this just recently, didn't we? Evaluating how the family is coming along is pretty much two things for me: how is everyone doing and how much have I contributed to bettering the situation?

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
I'm lucky to have the family that I do. I'm completely undeserving of the astounding friendships in my life. Have I been a good friend to them?

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
I don't like to say that I'm picky, just particular. Do I know what I want from this aspect of my life and do my actions match that?

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
Pretty self-explanatory.

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
This too.

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
And this.

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
Every day I need to get better. We never stop learning about the things we don't know.

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
Part of loving who I am is being married to how I think and how I carry myself. It's a fine line between being consistent and being ignorant.

Dissatisfied ---------------------- Satisfied
I love the concept of honesty. When we were young it was about being accountable. "who broke the cookie jar?" It was about whether to cheat with everyone else on that physics test. Now I think the honesty that is most elusive is emotional honesty. How do I really feel? If it's possible to filter the friends, the family, the music, the movies, the books, the quotes--- what opinions, thoughts, ideas, emotions lay underneath? Am I being true to those?

I wonder if I'll add/remove categories. I'm really interested to see how I'll evaluate these things. But I'm most interested to see how this changes my outlook for the last six months of 2010.

Friday, June 11, 2010

One of the most ambiguous words no one seems to talk about

There are plenty. The most common is probably love. I love you, but I'm not in love with you (which I actually kinda get.)

But here is mine.

What means the most to you?

Why do you work so hard?

What holds you back more than anything else?

What empowers you more than anything else?

What do you look forward to most in life?

What is the one thing that frustrates you to no end?
... among other things but... Family

What is something that isn't ideal in your life but you can't change no matter how hard you try?

What is the one thing you wouldn't change at all?

Makes me think of the Matrix: Reloaded

, it is the quintessential human delusion,

simultaneously the source of your greatest strength,

and your greatest weakness.

- The Architect

I don't believe family is much different. Sometimes you don't love the fact that you love them, but you do. Some members you know you wouldn't even like had they not been born into your family, but they were... so you love them anyways.

If you trust someone that you don't have to trust and it works out, that especially rewarding because it's a considerable gamble to put yourself out there. With family it shouldn't be such a gamble (tho sometimes it feels like even more of a gamble) and it's easier to trust in them to come through for you. It takes less from you and you're not in such a vulnerable place. Because, for the most part, even if they let you down, you know that you'll eventually forgive them and they will still be in your life.

And so we put up with the bad and cherish the good, and, most of the time, it nets you a positive.

It's family, right? No one comes out unscathed.

(I'm) Lost - Entry 3

Season 2 Progress:

My current enjoyment level with the show:


She died! Saed got some and then they f'ing killed her!! Was a lame way to go too. Let's see... we're learning more about Anna Lucia, but not enough to not want to toss her into a human sized blender full of lemon juice and razor blades. I literally groan when she makes some idiotic command decision.

Character I would most like to toss into a human sized blender full of lemon juice and razor blades:

(wait for it)

  • It was weak how they dove into the story with the people from the back of the plane when Saed was going to bring the thunder down on Anna
  • Shannon was fun to look at
  • Charlie is kinda weird about Claire and her baby

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Persuasive Argument

Blogging has been interesting. As, ahem, some have noted... I do tend to have some free time at work. So blogging fills a bit of a void.

What's interesting about blogging is that I think you're supposed to treat it unlike all other types of writing. Writing 101, know your audience. You're supposed to compel and engage your readers on their level (which is why I'll toss out a Twilight pic here and there ;)) but when you're blogging I think you're supposed to be as unfiltered as possible.

So typically I don't have a target person in mind when I write a post, but that's not the case today.

A Persuasive Argument to Cole to watch The OC

1. Some of your Twilight peeps got their start in The OC

(see, appealing to your audience)

2. The Music!
(a note about the music, not all of the music is on the soundtracks, so some of the best songs are spliced into the episodes)

Here are just some of the amazing tracks:

Running up that hill - Placebo
Someday the Waves - Iron and Wine
For the Widows in Paradise - Sufjan Stevens
Paint the Silence - South
Maybe this christmas - Ron Sexsmith
Orange Sky - Alexi Murdoch
A Lack of Color - Death Cab for Cutie
If You Leave - Nada Surf
Maybe I'm Amazed - Jem
Christmas - Leona Naess
To be alone with you - Sufjan Stevens
Your Ex-lover is Dead - Stars
Into Dust - Ashtar Command
The End's Not Near - Band Of Horses

3. The Setting (lot of sunsets and lots of beach time)

Southern California is nice, but it's rarely as nice as they make it out to be.

4. Kirsten
(this will help you further diagnose what my ideal girl would be like, which really would help me more than you...)

If this particular cougar were chasing me, I couldn't run that fast.

An ex used to believe that she was going to be Kirsten-esque as she got older. I do have to admit that I gave her a few extra chances because that idea wasn't totally terrible to me... but she was wrong and now we talk about her in the past tense. :)

5. Seth Cohen vs Ryan Atwood
It may not be an Edward/Jacob type of battle, but I'd be interested to see who you like more:

The sweet, funny guy.

He pretty much put Death Cab on the map.

Quite possibly the best character in the show.

Or the silent, strong guy.

And if you're not sold yet...

Rachel Bilson is really hot.

Not sure how that helps, but it helps me be happy to have her picture up. :)