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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


WTF is that??

I did a Google search for "baby wtf" and that's what I got. So touche, Google... you gave me exactly what I searched for.

As I sit here in the maternity waiting room I wonder about quite a few things. How life is going to change. What the new parents and new grandparents are going through. What utter pain and horror Heather is going through.

When I hear about something being difficult or painful I usually want to try it... to test myself to see how I'll respond.

Uh.... not this time. H -- you're on your own for this one.

I wonder about how life is going to change-- for the people involved directly and then the impact stemming outwards. I wonder about Zach and Heather's relatives sitting here with me and the emotions they are going through. I wonder about the lady at Babies R Us that sold me all this stuff because she totally wanted some Bu in her life. Sorry, but you're not the one. 

Leading up to this moment I was pretty worried about how I'd be feeling at this very moment. Certain emotions were a given. Excited. Curious. Nervous. Sadness. I knew I'd feel sad for the change that such a monumental change signifies, but I wasn't sure whether it would be a pulsating tremor that rocks my core or a fleeting concern that is washed away in the brilliance of a new life and added meaning to the world of myself and my closest friends.

Happy to report that it's the latter. I figured it would be. Figured it should be. Z and H are more than ready for this step in their lives and I'm privileged to witness it and support that in any way. Zach has always been the nucleus of our guy group in my opinion, but it's up to us (the other guys) to push and grind for the friendship and be accommodating to new situations... basically, to be a good friend. Should be able to handle that, I think. Been doing that for ten years now so it's more rinse and repeat.

And word is that we have crying!!! I'm glad I wrote that last paragraph before the kid was born... lol

And I'm off to uncle another kid. A BOY. Guy toys galore. SOOOOO EXCITED.