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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Archive Song List #20

Phantom Planet


Sufjan Stevens
For the Widows in Paradise...

Skyline Drive

(San Pedro, CA -- Wanna go back with me??)

You know how in movies, like the Goonies, the kid or kids run away from home and when they return at the end of the movie the parents aren't mad? They are just happy to have their pride and joy back?


Try to channel some of that as I apologize for my hiatus... been gone too long!

So, the question is probably what happened...

In no particular order...
  • went to cali
  • interviewed for a job
  • offered a job
  • closing on a home
  • met a girl
  • saw the ocean
  • got really drunk

Right now I'm buried at my current job which will potentially become my former job. It's a weird feeling to leave a job in that it's so similar to a relationship. I feel bored. And uninspired. I enjoy aspects of it, but I'm not reaching my potential. It's comfortable, certainly easier than getting out there again, but I know what the right move is.

What's scarier is that I'd be leaving my profession and career for something almost entirely new. ... I guess that's like breaking up and deciding on playing for the other team??

Still, I haven't made a final decision. Life has been one dependency upon another recently... can't buy X until the home closes. Can't accept a new job before the home closes. (apparently, no, just the home is owning me)

The one thing that would help everything move along? Time.

And what's a great way to pass time? Drinking. Ha ha.

I'm going to have a beer and make some decisions. Here are some tunes that'll help usher me along...


Kristin said...

now.. i hope you know which drinks lead to bad decisions and steer clear of those..
lol for me its always tequila. but how i love him.. ;)

Cole said...

you're alive! :p

Rupal said...

Love the post, ur totally right about getting too comfy with a job and having to push urself to take more risks...although stepping outside ur boundaries def keeps life exciting:)

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