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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be wary when you play beer pong at Gilligans

Beer pong. Great fun. Doing it at a bar, possibly even better. That is unless you ran into the douche nozzle we ran into on Friday night. This guy was fresh off an 80s bully kick as he had his girl with feathered hair in one arm and challenged us using dramatic motions with his other hand. Think Johnny from Karate Kid part 1... but not anywhere near as badass.

For what a sucktard this guy was, he was a freaking legend on the table. Somehow I gravitated to some side conversation and just got to witness my boys getting blasted. The guy re-tied his sweater around his neck and strolled off, meaning that that it's time to tie a tire to our chests and run up hill. Who says Rocky IV is outdated? My buds, as you can tell from above, turned on one another like the end of Double Dragon.


Kristin said...

ahh i love gilligans they do a fish race on tuesdays too which you wrinkle your face in like " really that sounds lame" but its actually quite entertaining!

Bu said...

The only face wrinkling is me trying to comprehend how you didn't tell me this before. ;)

That is zany enough for me to be intrigued. I need details. How many fish? Are there laps or is it a straight-away? Can you wager on particular ones?

I will ABSOLUTELY check this out.

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