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Monday, March 15, 2010

My mind vs. reality

I wander a bit. I've always had daydreams and it's been a goal of every teacher, professor, guardian, etc. to increase my focus for things that are more pragmatic. In my advanced age (thanks, Cole) I've capitulated a bit. I make lists. I have check boxes. I actually do check my check boxes as I knock off tasks. No one has ever seen me check off a box, so I'll aggressively deny that I am that lame if it ever comes up.

It may seem odd then when I tell you that I'm huge on efficiency. On the radio I heard a story about an efficiency expert who acts as a consultant to companies of varying specialties. He'll come in and see what everyone does on a day-to-day basis and he'd make small changes. He turned some people's desks in a different direction. He moved the printer to a more central location. Changes like this saved the company thousands of hours over a year. (there's a side entry here about the more time we save, the more time we burn... but I'll leave that for later) I'd be freaking amazing at this. I lose my **** when I see people on the freeway matching speeds and blocking the throughput of traffic. I die slowly when lazy cars don't move over to the right for faster traffic to pass. I scold myself when I re-enter a room to grab something I forgot.

The best way to explain how I operate is that I work hard and efficiently so I can enjoy the time in my head untethered. When I'm inundated with tasks/goals/alcohol I'm liable to let some things drop. Which is actually one of the main reasons I felt like a blog was a good idea. I could consistently engage here and direct people to this place when they wanted to know what I was up to.

Well, the reason for this post is to explain that I need to be tethered from time to time. (Props to Kristin for coming up with the assist as she reminded/compelled me to make another entry) When I get reeled back into reality, it's kinda like below...

I was sold on the idea that it'd be like...

However, it feels like...

And yet it's probably most like...

Which, contrary to little man's despondent posture, isn't half bad.

The people in our lives are the best reason to get out of one's head and I rely on peeps to poke me from time to time. Ironically, writing in this blog entails me diving back into my own head --- and that's having your cake and eating it too, folks.


Cole said...

Didn't mean to make you feel old. Sorry! lol When is your big 3-0 anyway? It's not this year right? I think that second picture is so funny. Think we all feel like that at times. And the traffic thing kills me too. When I drive a whole new personality comes out. I actually just had a very good conversation in the car with Micah teaching him all about snow birds. :) Very insightful post.

Kristin said...

i think your blog may be one of my favorites to read! this is why ill harass you ;)

LMAO!!! so have your cake and eat it too !

oh and idea.. since your almost 30. you should have a do by 35 list and if we all have some of the same stuff then then PERF! we're doing it together!

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