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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The one that got away

In the movie Funny People Adam Sandler talks about "the one that got away." He says that guys and serial killers have those.

The missed opportunity probably weighs on both just the same.

I could have settled down with maybe three or so of the girls that I've dated and had been pretty content with life. That's not to say I didn't like the other ones, I think I was rather fond of each of them... most of them... but there were a select few that would linger in my mind longer than the rest. But even then I don't really consider those select few as the girls that may have escaped me.

The one that got away is the girl that you felt something for and you never took a shot. Maybe when you were building up the courage she left with someone else or vomited in her hair. Maybe she ends up with your best friend and you have nothing you can do but write a song about it (looking at you, Rick Springfield.) Or maybe it was a girl with which you just had terrible timing. That there was a strong connection and seemingly the universe conspired to reveal the potential you two had, yet never allowed a situation when you were both single and ready.

The particulars of my current situation I'll leave under wraps, but recently I was reminded of what things in a woman that I truly value by a woman I'll always value. And while I could find plenty of people to pass time with and share a life with, there are a certain few aspects of a relationship that make it much more meaningful.

Or maybe she just needs to be really, really hot.


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