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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The value of education

So that's my absolutely adorable niece (and this rat dog. he's been in some movie but I can't place it.) Her name is Ishani and if anyone wants some girl scout cookies on the cheap (like free) holla at cha boy. I bought her way to some prize but I lied and said I wasn't getting them all, but that my friends were. I think the lie was me having friends.

Anyhow, I have a pretty big order of cookies, but the catch is that I'm making her deliver the boxes to my friends. She's a little shy so it'll be good for her.

She's six and normal. A little A.D.D. Very imaginative. Loves Taylor Swift. Well, every couple of weeks when my brother has her I go over during the week to help her with her homework. Education is really important to me. Anyhow, I got back a little while ago and here are her vocabulary words for the week:

Pitch - okay, I guess. Baseball season is around the corner?

Pitcher - alright, so I'm trying to teach her this word and that's kinda hard to do without teaching her about baseball. That did NOT go well. Also, this is a homonym, meaning it can be spelled the same way, pronounced the same way, but mean two or more different things. (cue the "the more you know" music clip) Anyhow, I then tried to use a pitcher of lemonade as an example and it did sit well that a word could mean two different things. Teaching fail... do not try to teach anyone under the age of 12 what a homonym is -- even if you don't use the word, it doesn't end well -- for anyone.

Picture - this is obviously just to trip up the little rugrats (and annoy the piss out of me.) So there I am, trying to get my A.D.D. niece to listen to the distinguishing characteristics of PICK-TURE and PITCH-ER.

Early - fine
Breakfast - good
Ready - great
Eight - sure
Climb - absolutely
Cause - why not
Omit - what the ****.

Seriously? Why? When will be the first time she'll use omit? When was the last time you used omit? Sadly I can remember mine. I was trying to explain its definition to a six-year old.

"it's when something is left out"
"left out of what?" (fair question on her part)
"like what?"
"like if i put these cookies back in the package except for this one. that one would be omitted."
"why?" (oh good god)
"why what? why is it called omitted or why did i leave it out?"
"i don't know"
"i don't either..."

Time passes...
"can you just write this word ten times, twice without looking at the word and we'll work on what it means later."

This is my nightmare.


Cole said...

That is so funny! I think you did a great job. And I think it's pretty cool that you spend so much time with your nieces.
If you have any samoas we'll take them. As you can see I'm not on the healthy half of my month right now. ;)

Bu said...

Done! That works too because she's kinda scared of bigger dogs (like bigger than a purse), so this will be perfect.

Plus I haven't seen the pup myself yet, either.

Kristin said...

you are going to be an amazing parent one day!

p.s this is my favorite blog. I was actually smiling while i read it! and giggling - ahh the conversations ive had with my nephew.
wait till you get to the ones where she enlightens you on women.
my 4 yr old nephew and i have already had one of these conversations.

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