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Friday, July 9, 2010

#100 and a giveaway

This is the official blog post #100! Why official? Apparently I have 13 posts that fall into the following categories:

#1 - Didn't finish
#2 - Were too personal
#3 - Was REAL drunk and rambled/ranted

While I can't promise that I'll go back and publish these mishaps, perhaps I'll look into these and at least see where the distribution lies.

I'm guessing at least eight are of the #3 variety.


So my bud Cole is the sole reason I actually took the plunge into blogging and for her efforts I'm going to steal an idea from her: a giveaway!

Seemed like a great idea and then two potential issues cropped up:
A. you, whoever you may be, will probably be competing with yourself over the prize (I can live with this)
B. what do I have to giveaway that someone could want??

I still don't know that I solved B, but...

Up for grabs: A Bu mix CD

(I know you're already REAL excited [end sarcasm], but let me continue)
I have phenomenal taste in music and while some may disagree, those people are terribly and horribly mistaken. But why not judge for yourself?

How to play:
Honesty has been a recurring theme on my blog and I think it's fitting to pay it tribute here.

To win the best cd ever burned by Bu (ahem, by anyone??) all you have to do is tell someone (anyone) something (anything) that you've been meaning to tell them but haven't.
*edit after Cole's input* Or something you COULD tell someone but you haven't... doesn't need to be something you are harboring!

Reply in the comments with as much detail or vagueness about what you wanted to say and why you didn't say it earlier and maybe even how it turned out.

I'll spend the next week thinking up some amazing playlists, so you have some time to finish your homework.

I'll pick a winner (winners maybe, if there are more than one players :P) on next Friday.

Live with complete and utter sincerity


Cole said...

Wow thats a good one but I don't know that I'm keeping anything from anyone. hmmmm really going to have to think about this one and get back to you. Can't believe you're at 100. How sad is it that I hit 100 like two months ago? lol I'm a little obsessed with this fun little hobby.

Bu said...

Great call. I edited the post so people that are very honest with their feelings already aren't penalized. :)

You are amazing with the blogging! It's a great outlet and it suits your talents/interests very well!

Cole said...

Ok I've got one. I have a friend who has this really big heart and shows his affection and appreciation for the people he cares about by showering them with gifts of candy, the best mixed cds ever made, and generous acts of kindness when he knows they are in a very tight spot. Thanks friend. Even without all these things you would still be one of our favorites. We appreciate you so much. Just so you know. :)

molly YEH! said...

ok i have to think about this one. i like the song you have playing on your blog right now (the park). is this a cover of a feist song? or did she cover this dude's?

Bu said...

Nice call, Molly! This is Bon Iver covering Feist's The Park.

Cole - That friend you are talking about sounds like a tool -- apart from the music part, that part sounds legit. =)

Kristin said...

hard entry - but good call. :)
man this is the year for overcoming fears.

ok.. the only thing can think i haven't told someone is my aunt

i haven't told her that i don't want her to go.
she moves in less then a month and for selfish reasons id rather her stay.
to be honest though. Im not going to tell her. she is excited! she keeps telling me she be back often. and its where all her long time friends are. her aging family and i think she would feel more needed.

coco you really do have the best friends! im just glad i got to add them to my list because of you :)

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