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Monday, July 19, 2010

PSA - See Inception

Was able to learn another lesson about expectations... it's always good to manage your expectations but when something is true, no amount of hope or hype can diminish it.

Vegas -> Blah...
did not make the cut

Inception -> Yeah!!

I highly recommend everyone checking it out. It's definitely slotting into my top five.


Cole said...

It was definitely pretty incredible. Sorry that your vegas trip wasn't. :( sushi and sake again soon since you missed it.

Bu said...


Me = sad

Definitely need to make up for it!

Cole said...

Well no, I had sake. Not sushi. I will never have sushi again. You couldn't pay me 1000 to try that again. Asian Kitchen one of my favorite spots. Have you been there? They have a ton of other stuff.

Bu said...

I haven't tried it yet. How about I'll try that place if you try sushi again?

No deals, huh?

hmm... how about cooked sushi rolls, so it's really not sushi anymore?? But I think the fish part bothers you as much as the raw part.

What about rice rolls, with just vegetables/cream cheese? Those are pretty good...

Cole said...

I've tried that too. Not crazy about the texture and the fact that its been made so closely to all the fish. ha!

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