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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lull - Skirmish One

When I'm having a bad day one of the slivers of optimism that I try to hold onto is: it's days like this that help you fully appreciate the great days.

So what about the ____ days?

The days that have no particular significance one way or another. One could make an argument that these days are in-fact worse than bad days. At least bad days can stay with you, perhaps teach you something. They aren't so easily brushed aside like cookie crumbs on the counter.

The sad thing is that I was purposeful when constructing my life and schedule, going to great lengths to populate my weeks and months with these types of days. When I'm in a routine and I wake up at a certain time and I pay my bills and I eat right and I make it to the gym and I get good sleep. Not my nature!! I was warned by a friend that there is nothing more empowering and debilitating than a routine.

Well said, friend. Well said.

So I think I'm going to declare war on the days that just wash away into nothingness. How can you do this? Well, we're going to find out together.

I started by...

making this breakfast.

playing this (and everything) loud.

Setting up a reading date with my adoring niece, who I'll put to sleep and then hit my favorite coffee shop to get some reading of my own in.

sniffing this. (lemon is invigorating and I need 3 things in life... food, water, lotion)

Will it work? Any other ideas on how to assail one's senses to get them out of a lull?

If all else fails maybe I'll just go see Inception... again.


Cole said...

I like the first one. I do that quite often. don't tell Micah. ;) Or breakfast for dinner is always nice. Once a month try and do something you've never done before. books take me out the mundane. day trips up north every once in awhile are a must. Getting out of town and into nature always makes me feel revived.

Bu said...

I think you're right, I do feel drained. Vegas stole my money, energy, and sobriety!

I could use these alleged monsoons! THAT would hit the spot. I just have to make it another month till football season! My blog is going to change ENTIRELY then. You are going to unfollow me, haha.

Cole said...

Hey I used to be in a football pool. I like football when the games are important.

Kristin said...

I'd say your off to a good start. must be in the air. stephen and i were just talking about this feeling the other night .. let us know what solutions worked for you. lol i went sky diving. bought a car. ... :)

Bu said...

Cole - You just added a new goal. I'm going to help you get on your dad's good side forever and make you a huge Redskins fan.

K - You attacked that lull like a champ! I need a better job to buy myself out of this funk!!

suzy said...

ice cream sandwiches and band of horses?
yikes. sounds like a FANTASTIC day to me.

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