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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And we're back...

Where did you go? We were having a good time, weren't we? I thought we were. We laughed and drank. We relaxed and saw treasured faces. We met new people and heard funny stories. But weekend, you left me again, didn't you?

However, you DID drop me off to a Tuesday, which is considerably better than the typical Monday departure. And as they say we'll always have Paris...

Work. But It was beautiful outside. I had to escape.

(view from my cube)

Sneaking out of work early... this is an art. The battleground is littered with mines in the form of urgent emails and envious colleagues.

The key is to send a flurry of emails (and time delayed emails) right before your departure.

If someone tries to talk to you on your way out (they will) try: "I'm working on the [inaudible muddled name] thing for [insert the name of THEIR boss]"


Buffalo Wild Wings to meet up with friends and reunite with beer. Gave it up for awhile. Felt good.

Which leads to meeting some guys. Which leads to talking sports. Which leads to talking crap about sports. Which of course leads to boring the bajingo out of any females in the area. Which engendered competition.

Which leads to Big Buck Safari.

Which leads to...

Bu holding it down.

That score and this picture are about to be flaunted all over facebook.



Watched Germany trounce Argentina (boo!)
then Spain eliminated Paraguay (hooray!)

Helped my brother move for a few hours and then I got a call from my childhood friend

that I hadn't seen for 14-16 YEARS and he was in town for the weekend.

Happy 4th everyone!!! Hope you had a super holiday.

Mine started off by going with a friend to buy this:

Which now looks like...


We go to buy the car and the guy wants to take it for one last spin. We hop in.

He's driving pretty aggressively but we're only going around the block, let the guy have a little fun before he gives up the sports car. Sure. What's the worst that could happen?

So he leaves his neighborhood and heads out to Papago, where the Phoenix Zoo is located. He hits about 60 on a round-about and says (I quote because this is about the best thing that's happened to me this year): "The beaut about this car is that it'll just eat up corners. You hit a corner and it just wants more and more."

He slows down and u-turns and we come to the same round-about that he just made that comment. He takes too aggressive of a line and loses the ass of the car and we fishtail into another lane. He corrects the line but doesn't lay off the gas. Since the wheels won't catch he thinks he hasn't corrected enough and oversteers. We then slide perpendicular to the road until the tires finally catch and we launch over the curb, over/through a boulder and into a tree.

If a crash is going to happen, this was about perfect. No one was seriously hurt, it wasn't my car or my buddies car (yet), and... well... it was pretty fun.

Rest of the weekend was kinda a blur, but from what I can piece together in sequential order:
- got to play with Kinect, the new microsoft product
- saw Quantum of Solace at my buddy's place while he looked for a new car...
- stopped by Sky's birthday party and saw some good people
- lay on Z's couch for about 8 hours watching The Descent 2, Adventureland (LOVE THIS), and Jaws 2 and 3 and ate a TON of carne asada with cream cheese filled brownies...

On second thought, weekend... I don't think it's working out. I do need a little space. Maybe just a little time?


Cole said...

I still can't believe that happened. You feeling ok?

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