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Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day!

You know the worst thing about opening day?


Alright, well, maybe being at work during it. Yeah, that'd definitely qualify. I've resisted the urge to rattle on about sports on my little blog, but I'll make an exception today. Anyone who knows me knows I'm FAR more into Football than Baseball, but there is a particular purity about Baseball that is so welcoming. It's a comfort sport.

You can't really lounge at a football game. There's too much going on. There's a big play developing and the guy in front of you stands, so you stand, (she'll stand up... it'll be anarchy, sir) and beer is spilled all to just see Matt Leinart overthrow another pass.

Baseball is a great time to sit and watch something casually with friends. Catch up on things. Enjoy spending time with someone instead of trying to look through your friend's head at the play.

So I'll be celebrating today, even though opening day is one more reminder of the Arizona summer that is on its way. I'll grill some dogs and toss a burger on as well. I'll bring extra RELISH (haters...) with all the other fixings, open a beer, turn on the game, and probably fall asleep in the 6th inning.

One of the best days of the year.


Cole said...

haha relish haters! Baseball is super boring on tv but in person it is quite enjoyable. But I agree football and basketball much better. Although I'm not watching the suns anymore. They are doing great I know, just for some reason my heart wasn't into it this season.

Kristin said...

ahh you just captured the feeling of spring in this blog. loves it@
i take it the relish haters was to us the other night who were dogging on pickles... ;)

so who won anyway i was working..

Bu said...

You weren't into the Suns because you wanted to follow the Lakers. I understand. I can help you with that!

Hah, you two were definitely the relish haters I speak of. We're going to have to all go to a game just so I can see your faces light up with the indelible delight that is relish on a DiamondDog.

And the Dbacks are 1-0.

Cole said...

I'll eat it. I just prefer not to have it. I do love pickles though. And I used to be a lakers fan way back in the day in Kobe's humble beginnings. Why do you think my lucky number 8? lol

Bu said...

Come back!! 24 isn't a terrible number!! :)

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