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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Self Pwnage

It's nice when someone comes up with something witty to poke fun at another's expense. It's better when that other person comes up with an amusing way to make fun of one's self. And it's best when that other person makes fun of themselves without even realizing it.

I'm that guy.

My buddy at work is deciding between an Xbox 360 and PS3 and I'm not respecting his intelligence and I'm absolutely baiting him into an Xbox. I've been sending him all types of propaganda to sway him. When he comes back from the main office area he's sure to have some print out or new wallpaper on his computer about something Xbox related.

(side note) The main office is pretty slick. Lots of glass meeting rooms, pretty swanky space, all-around, very nice. The office has XM radio being pumped throughout the building. Nice touch. However, the choice of the station is up to... I don't know who... but someone who clearly hates me. EZ listening non-stop. So Gloria Estaphan, Chicago, Peter Cetera, whatever... well, the music is also pumped into the attached gym and a Jon Secada song started blaring through the speakers and I lost it and just about created a dumbbell sized hole in my face.

So I'll annoy people in the office by sending them this or have it playing on their computer repeatedly when they come back from lunch:

(this will have relevance later)

I like synergy and I quickly threw together two images hoping to seal the deal on the Xbox 360 for my buddy.

After I sent this I got a message back from him right away asking if I knew what I sent. I asked him what he meant and he asked me if that picture looked like anyone I knew.

What. The. F. I don't see it. Or I don't want to see it. But the office consensus is that I look like... check that... that Jon Secada looks like me in that picture.

And there you have it. So now anyone that reads this can find me less physically attractive... which is okay, I feel the same way about myself. ... but I do find Jon Secada is a bit more dashing than before.... =P


Cole said...

haha Maybe just in this picture a little bit. But thats really not a bad thing. Stephen was just talking about how much he misses working with you. Sounds like you have a pretty cool job.

Bu said...

I may get a chance on Saturday to disabuse you of the notion of my work being cool. ;)

I miss working with Stephen terribly. Maybe we'll get a chance to work together again one day, how great would that be?

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