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Monday, April 26, 2010

Reminder: it's the little things that matter most

This is one of the first images that returns when you search "cold shower" on google. (it'll make sense later)

It's like those puzzle games, how many wrong things can you find in this picture?

So this past Thursday I received a call on my phone from a number I didn't recognize. Check that, multiple calls. The reason why there were multiple calls is that I don't pick up the phone for numbers I don't recognize. Like ever. Say the car is in the shop and I KNOW they'll call me when they are done, I let it go to voicemail and assume they are done with the car. Amazingly enough this idiotic strategy hasn't really blown up in my face.

Back to Thursday.

So this person is blowing up my phone and I finally answer after the fifth consecutive call.
(P.S. don't ever call me like that from an unknown number unless there is a serious fire or they are bringing back The OC)
With a very curt tone I answer expecting some spanish jibberish (I get these freaking voicemails with what sounds like spanish telemarker blather... maybe my number is in a bathroom stall in Nogales??) and instead it's my HOA talking about my floor leaking water on the person underneath my condo.

The water heater in my unit is leaking and I have to turn it off and empty it. Okay, it's an old unit and I will be moving pretty soon, so I figured something would break on the way out -- not a big deal. Now, I know what water heaters do, but I wasn't fully appreciating the gravity of the situation.


For some reason, being the little piglet I am, I thought about food. Not a big deal, I have stove and microwave, so warm water is till accessible. I realize that I didn't really use my water heater for boiling water for cooking, but, again --> me = piglet. Then I thought about the dishwasher, but that was okay too, I don't mind doing dishes by hand. And all was right in the world.

The next morning I woke up happy to skip work and play golf all day. I started brushing and I got the water going in the shower so it'd be warm when I was done brushing. ... That would be a fantastically long wait.

I love showers. I don't like them searing, peeling back skin hot like some people do, but I like it warmer than cold. I have my routine and it's soothing, it's something I need each day to get going.

I had to get my day started and I figure the body adjusts to water temperature pretty fast, so just jump in. I think I yelped. I haven't yelped before, so I can't be entirely sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's what occurred. I kept jumping up and down in the shower trying to get my body to warm up. My ears were burning in that they were so frigid. My routine turned into "empty all products all over me as fast as possible and get the f out".

It's like going from this:

To this:

I'm going on four terrible showers in a row now. I went to my parents house last night and found myself leaving my hands under the warm water when washing my hands before dinner.

A reminder for us all to appreciate the little things.

So when you pop in the shower next and you think about taking what you have for granted, think of me. ... I believe I just asked whomever to think of me in the shower. Awkward... :P


Cole said...

so sorry bu. I'm with you on appreciating the little things. I have been without a working cell phone for 4 days now. It sucks. you can come over and use our shower if you'd like. quite the drive but while your here next time you might as well. Love the pictures you used in this. I had a good laugh with this post. :)

Bu said...

Thanks, Cole! Might have to take you up on that shower one of these days!

No phone? That sucks! I guess I was texting Stephen on Saturday then....? there are parts of the night that are a blur. But not bowling. I rocked EVERYONE in bowling. ;)

Cole said...

It was working for a few hours on Saturday. I'll have a new one by Wednesday. Stephen didn't tell me anything about bowling or sushi. what did I miss out on? You'll have to tell me the scoop later on.

Kristin said...

OF COURSE YOU ONLY REMEMBER BOWLING. - i think you blacked out all the parts where you lost.. weird.

shah your on a roll today with being funny/clever. GREAT post.
I can half sympathize with you. I had to take a shower in the opposite bathroom then normal since my bro now crashing here and me being considerate at 430 am. had to deal with a shower that lacked all my favorite supplies/full pressure and as warm of water. weird i know you think with a water heater the water would be the same temp anywhere. well not this second bathroom ....

Bu said...

Cole - when are doing movie night? any interest in nightmare on elm street (this week) or iron man (next week)?

I probably only blocked out the parts that I won by a ton. Those bore me. =P

I should feel sad that you had a poor shower experience yesterday, but I kinda like that someone else worked under similar restrictions that I'm working under now. ;)

So I was reminiscing of when I used to enjoy showers and I thought of the shower at my community pool, it's just the chlorine rinse shower, so I wasn't about to go take my rubber ducky over there, but the thought of warm water compelled me to go swimming.

So I swam some laps just thinking about the shower. About halfway through my routine I remember never seeing a "hot/cold" lever for the shower. I nearly drowned myself.

I finish up and head to the shower. (there was an old guy [70+] talking trash to me that he could do more laps than I just did if he wasn't so old... that guy rocks) I hit the button and the water is freezing. I don't really react, just dejected.

Then a weird sensation. Like the sun's rays are being funneled through the nozzle. The tension slinks away from my body and is washed down the drain. I don't think about the old man watching me shower; I hit the button about six times and could have gone for six more...

Cole said...

no and no. haha but Stephen definitely wants to see those. This weekend and next are crazy busy with wedding stuff. Actually Friday may work. I'll check with the man and let you know.

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