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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for the weekend!

Sometimes the anticipation is better than the event. The expectations. The planning. The excitement. So, in a sense, maybe the best part of my weekend is right now, three hours before I dip out of this popsicle stand.

Yeeeeaahhhh... I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with myself there.

But an notable nomination goes out to 4 hours from now when I'm having the first sip of my first of many drinks. Or perhaps it'll be during Nightmare on Elm Street when I kidney hit one of my friends during a tense scene and they yelp like I do every morning in my freezing shower.

Or maybe it'll be tomorrow. Maybe when I hit a nice golf shot in the late afternoon with a Stella waiting for me in the cart. Or afterwords bar hopping and watching playoff hockey/basketball. (when is it considered a drinking problem...??)

I suspect that the best part will be tomorrow afternoon, before golf and after I get back from running errands. My neighbor below me, the one that my floor is peeing on, called to check on the status of repairs. The conversation kinda dragged yesterday and I was in the middle of a few things. He was keeping me (he speaks a mile a minute) on the line for a reason so I decided to ride it out and see what was up. He stopped rambling about some water damage issue he had years ago and paused with a heavy sigh.

Do you play chess, checkers, or backgammon?

(in my head... I have no effing idea what backgammon is. I know it's a game. It sounds a demonic spell in the Legend of Zelda...) I do play chess occasionally.

Oh, good. Yes, that's a good game.

I agr...

Well, I play chess and checkers and backgammon and I'm not very good.

We shou...

But I like to play.

Me t...

I used to play with my friend Charles, but he passed away. With my cancer I don't really get out and sometimes I get a little cabin fever...

I'd love to play.

I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. I sat on my balcony and took a photo.

First, it was obviously a nice gesture, especially since my place is currently unloading water on and around him. Second, I would definitely make time to hang out with him. I thought about what I know about him, how he's rather sick and company can do anyone some good. Third, I felt like **** for not making more of an effort before. I'm pretty polite with my neighbors. They all seem to like to talk to me when I come and go (it's very much an older community where I live), but I haven't made such an effort to really engage them. Since I'll probably be leaving in a few months I want to change that before I go.

And I'll probably really enjoy myself in the process which will make it harder to leave. Such is life. Wouldn't have it any other way.


Cole said...

backgammon (did I spell that right? shows how much I like it) is actually fun if I'm thinking about the right thing. Crap now I'm going to have to google... Ok yah nevermind never played it. What was I thinking about? dangit now it's going to drive me crazy.

Bu said...

I'm reading the wiki on it now, hahahah.

Cole said...

aha! I was thinking of badminton. phew! had a moment of insanity there. lol beautiful picture. And sometimes even if your not having a ton of fun, just knowing that the other person really is, that makes the difference.

Bu said...

Yeah, I'll feel good about myself when I'm on my way to golf for a night of debauchery, haha.

I'm going to crush him in Chess though. I'm too competitive to let him slide. ;) No movie tonight? Maybe a drink with us before?

Bu said...

2:49, officially giving up on trying to learn backgammon. I'll let him win in that, since it's a game I don't care about. Like shuffleboard and pool.

Cole said...

Not for me tonight. I'm not going to see my boys at all tomorrow so I'm soaking in every second with them today. Maybe I'll see you out and about tomorrow night and we can have a drink then. We'll be on your side of town probably dirty pretty and axis radius. Just look for the girl with the penis veil. I'll be with her. :)

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