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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This day in history

I hit the snooze button two too many times today and was a bit late to work. I have a tier system depending on how late I'm running:

- Breakfast is the first to go if I'm running late
- Mini-workout is next to go
- Shaving (more like a beard trim)
- Leisure route into work on side streets

So today was a level-3, I skipped everything but the nice drive in, which I try to enjoy between mentally chastising people drinking their morning coffee while they try to merge into my car.

While brushing I was starting to feel the monotony of the last couple of work weeks. Wake up around the same time. Leave work, same deal. Working on the same project, seeing the same people during the 9 to 5. I thought about April 14th and tried to find any sort of significance about it. Surely there was something that made the day memorable. At the very least someone out there is having a birthday, or maybe a first kiss, or perhaps finishing a life-changing novel, or even celebrating an anniversary... so while today seemingly had no additional meaning to me, someone out there is relishing every instant of this day. And that knowledge alone holds some meaning for me.

So, of course, as I stroll into work late I hear my good buddy on the phone getting a happy birthday call and furtively slink back out to pick up muffins and croissants. While we found a quiet corner and devoured our breakfast (my other coworkers aren't as cool)

I was rewarded for my gesture with this factoid: April 14th is the day that the Titanic sunk.

(As if the event wasn't tragic enough, most people will think of this when they hear "Titanic") =P


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