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Monday, May 3, 2010

The weekend that was

I'll have to wait another five days to do that again?!? The weekend definitely did not disappoint.

Started with Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace. Every time I go to the places with mechanical bulls, something bordering of terrible occurs.

(related fyi: it's very difficult to find a picture of a mechanical bull that isn't lewd)

Thankfully we sat outside, so there was no temptation for anyone in our crew to try to tame the beast. Playoff basketball was on. We had outdoor seats overlooking the marketplace as the sun set. The temperature was warm enough (and feeling warmer with each margarita passing) so the light cool breeze was welcome. Nothing short of ideal.

Enjoying this so much I was that I didn't get in line early enough for Nightmare on Elm Street, so we decided to see Kick-Ass which was cool (after stopping off at another bar to see the Lakers finish off the Thunder. Thank you Pau, you sexy beast...)

(notice the utter look of horror from the guy whose face is kinda hidden by the net)

My neighbor wasn't feeling up to getting schooled in chess, so we'll have to get a session in this week. The weather was perfect again and my buddy and I hit the golf course. Golf is a fantastic sport, if for nothing else you can hold a beer while operating a dinky little cart and nobody messes with ya.

Dinner/drinks at Bungalow, then drinks at Kazimierz and the Lodge before meeting up with some lovely friends who were celebrating a bachelorette party. I was pretty much done-zo by this point, but ending the night by seeing friendly, pretty faces is never too terrible.

An ill-advised cab ride to Los Betos (45 dollar cab ride for us to get from Old town to Thomas/Hayden to Chaparral/Hayden?! Too f'ing tired to argue...) and one episode of the league brought the night to an end.

Wasn't hungover, which was a plus, but I had worn my body out quite a bit so I put off my daily frigid shower (that's getting REALLY old by the way) as long as I possibly could and instead stayed stapled to the couch. Beetlejuice and Annapolis were both viewed and enjoyed.

Other than not seeing my family, it was a pretty strong weekend. The best part of me and who I am is definitely the company I keep. I live each day knowing that as an absolute, but it's rather nice to spend time with those close to me and have that reaffirmation.


Cole said...

It was a fun weekend. Glad we saw you. Can't believe you paid 45 for that cab though.

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