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Monday, May 17, 2010

Did she enjoy her birthday? Wii.

Wii, I'd like to formally apologize to you. I know I've been hard on you in the past. (let's skip that I gave you away as a gift to an Ex and, well, they are an Ex so you represent a waste of time, energy, and money) I felt that you weren't really a gamer device and you were only useful for family gatherings and kiddy games.

Of course I was right, but I entirely underestimated how much more awesome family gathers are with kiddy games.

Thank you all for your input and comments regarding (one of) my niece's birthday. I totally appreciate it.

While I was writing for help here, my brother was writing for help on Facebook. We coordinated and we came away with a pretty good haul for the little one.

What she got:

as pictured above, black is pretty sleek
with Wii Sports Resort

Sing It
- Disney Karaoke
(yes, I know who all those people are in the picture below. yes, I am comfortable with that)

Punch-Out (the new and completely unnecessary version)
I think my brother got this for himself, punk

Boxcar Children #1
I could only find the first book sooo...

Ramona the Pest
was added as well as...

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Good God. How terrifying is that picture?? That is WAY more creepy than the book cover.

Trampoline (kinda)
Didn't fit into my car, so I'm trying to figure out when to give it to her.

How she reacted:

I love my brother. I do. But he does things that irritate me occassionally. After work I went by his house to see my niece and she opens the door and jumps on me with, "I got a Wii!!" So I'm happy to see that she's happy, but there is no eviscerated wrapping paper strewn about the floor. Even a dessert, when given to anyone under ten, should be wrapped so they can rip it apart.

Worse yet, he bought the Wii with her at Best Buy. Cause it's always great to be asked if you'd like to buy the extended warranty when you get a sweet birthday present.

While configuring the system the rest of the family came by and a little while after that she came over and sat on my lap.

So... what'd ya get me?

For what?

(I was then reminded that auditory pain of a 7-year old girl's shrill yell far outweighs the benefit of any joke... but I couldn't resist.)

That today??
(Her mouth fell open.)

[very softly] Yes.
(It was so sad. I wanted to hurl all the gifts I had and toys from the neighbor's yard at her.)

Actually, I need to get going.

(I'm deaf by this point, so may as well go for broke.)

Yeah, but I can't seem to make it to the door with all this extra weight in my bag.

Zero seconds flat she rips my bag off my shoulder and starts ripping out the contents. She pulls out one of the books (ahem, wrapped), bends it, and throws it over head with a, "BOOK!" She finds another one. "BOOK!" Tossed. She takes out the Karaoke package and exclaims, "BIG BOOK!" and I reach behind her to catch it as she lobs it away.

Sedated and mildly disappointed by a perceived flurry of books (I can't blame her, I was the same way: Less clothes, more Ninja Turtles, please.) She unwrapped the books and eventually got to the Karaoke game. She tore it up and saw one of the Jonas brothers (I think I know which one, but I lied earlier. I'm not okay with knowing these things.) She then sees Taylor Swift. She looks up at me curiously, like, what kind of evil book would have Taylor Swift on the cover.

It's for your Wii.
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. [bouncing on the couch] Put it in, put it in, put it in.
Okay, what song.
Taylor Swift (repeats these two words for at least the next five minutes until the song starts.)

I'll throw up some pictures from the night as it was cool seeing my niece and my parents legitimately competing as hard as they could to out-bowl one another. Thanks again people!


Cole said...

awh I LOVED the boxcar children. Forgot about those until I saw the picture. what happned to kids liking books? oh well. You made her happy. :)

Bu said...

I know! I'm thinking it'll be a process until she is able to finish a book that really ensnares her.

Though topping that Wii is going to be hard. I'm going to have to flip the power off at the house and come over with candles. :)

Amy said...

Classic 7-year-old response! I'm glad she enjoyed her stuff!!

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