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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New edition to my blog posts

I am going to log my progress to "Lost" here in my blog. People have been trying to get me to watch this for years and I was too stupid to oblige before. It's incredible!

Season 2 Progress:

My current enjoyment level with the show:


Who I currently would like to die:


Cole said...

oh this is so funny! ahhh going to be hard not spoil things for you. note to self remember this moment for when Bu watches the finale. :)

Bu said...

I feel like a total fool! I'm so behind that when I say, "I like ----" the other person will look at me and go, "REALLY??" hahah... I'm so behind.

Micheal and Claire are on the list as well. Hurley was really annoying in the last episode, freaking out about distributing the food.

Cole said...

Really why Claire? I didn't hate her until later on. Michael is yah. crap can't say anything!

Bu said...

Claire was KILLING me during season one. My baby! My baby! Screaming her head off. Her bad dreams. Screaming in her dreams and waking up and screaming.

I watch Lost pretty freaking late so when an explosion or some yelling occurs, i need to dive for the remote. That's the only reason why I hated her.

But now that she has had the kid she's a lot better... for now.

Kristin said...

my fag part of this.
who i would like to die... i don't even know how to take that but i laugh anyways which is probably equally as wrong.

NOPE don't even try. nicole did. im not getting into that show!

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