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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The education of home shopping

The search for my next residence has been an interesting one. Screw that.
Let's try again.

It's been been like taking a face-plant into a blender. But because I probably like who ever you are, I won't get into that. Be around me when I get drunk and ask me how the home hunt is going and that'd go something like this:

But that is for another time. While home shopping I stumbled upon some parallels for finding the right house AND finding the right girl.

Don't fall in love from the curb before you check the closets.

Every home has closets, you just gotta find the one that works with the stuff you have and that doesn't scare the crap out of you.

Is it modern or old fashioned? Sleek or classic?

Allure is one of my favorite words that I don't like to use much. It holds special meaning when trying to describe how something, passively, with absolutely no effort whatsoever, captures and enraptures you. Things that you don't realize that you have an affinity for may linger with you in a way that you didn't expect.

I like the place, but would I rush to bring my friends around? Will my parents like it? Will my friends hate it?

What if they don't see the things I see? Will I rush them inside as soon as I can?? Oh sweet validation. Or maybe they'll see things that I can't see clearly... or maybe they'll notice that every time you bring the house out with you it refuses speak. Will not answer questions or ask any of her own. Even putting in an order at Rock Bottom ended up being a whisper to me that I'd have to relay to the waitress.

Sorry, a little off-track, haha.

Is the foundation stable?

Or at the slightest of breezes am I going to be left propping up the walls??

Is the view from it obstructed?

Or when I'm near it do things come into focus more clearly?

The fixer upper conundrum: The outside is pretty great and... oh. That's it. You know what, with a little paint and guidance I'm sure I can make this work.

Appearances are interesting. You know what you like and what you don't like. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Looks shouldn't be the most important thing, but it's usually the first thing you notice when you pull up to a place. Once you get inside [metaphor breaking down into something unintended, haha] you might find myself appreciating the charm of the whole package.

Does it feel like home?

What's left after that?


Cole said...

very true. great post Bu. Never connected the two that way. you will find the one, just keep your eyes open. :)

Bu said...

Would "the one" be the house or the girl? Eh, either would work I suppose. haha

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