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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Made me laugh today

(for anyone who hasn't caught on yet, I'm trying to beat my buddy Nicole's blog posting pace - love ya, Cole!)

A buddy sent me a link to excerpts from Obama's book Dreams From My Father.

Let's do the math:

There is an audio version of the book +
Obama is the orator +
One of the characters spits some pretty foul language +
= Priceless

Love him or hate him, the following link is worth a visit to hear these audio clips from the most powerful man in the world.

When keeping it real goes wrong...


Cole said...

hahaha oh so good. probably even better than this...

Cole said...

P.S. Hey you wanted me to hurry and get to 100 so I've got to keep poppin em out. lol Shooting for Thurs or Fri. :)

Bu said...

Good ol' W. That guy's face is just utter comedic gold. I like how he quickly gains his composure near the end, but it was just a false alarm.

You have been an utter rockstar with the blog. I've been spamming trying to somewhat catch up!

Cole said...

Poor Kristin. When she logs in she's going to have A TON of catching up to do.

Bu said...

Aww, haha. She is totally going to be overwhelmed. My work needs to keep my busier. It has been a light week or so.

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