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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mood: Motivated

The human mind perpetually fascinates me. Two people looking at a picture at the same exact time and drawing completely opposite interpretations.

How our experiences, environment, education, disposition, lunch choice, song we woke up to ... how all these things color everything we engage.

As you might have surmised from the title of this post, I'm feeling rather motivated today. I didn't wake up in the morning and something sorta clicked, rather it's been like like a rising tide that has gradually eroded some of the inefficiencies I've let sneak into my schedules. And finally we're at a tidal wave today where regardless of what happens, I know it'll be productive.

But what caused this oceanic rise?

I'm going to try to figure this out right now:

1. Josh, I hate you.

The Road
was a fantastic book. Certainly haunting and something that stays with you. I wouldn't say I was depressed by it, but certainly my idle thoughts have idled a bit longer on the sorrowful nature of the tale and the massive story elements that will never be revealed.

This for you, my evil and sadistic Mets fan: you'll never experience this happiness and joy with your team.

[Apparently I haven't aggravated myself enough, as I've started season one of Lost, about five episodes in. We (yes, I'll be using the collective 'we' when talking about Lost) have just learned that man in the suit that Jack is seeing on the island is Jack's father. Cole will be amused by my confusion as the series continues.]

The Road put me in a bit of a daze, but I've moved onto Fight Club which will certainly be quite a change.

2. I'm not all that crazy about you either, Mr. Motorcycle Cop

I may have mentioned before that I like to drive quickly. The sensation of speed is fine, but I'm utterly annoyed by other drivers and I like getting myself to empty pockets where no one can irritate me.

Which brings us to my commute into work yesterday. I HATE it when people match speeds. You know, two or more cars driving the same speed in different lanes so no one behind them can pass. I'm pretty sure the caps and bold right there are sufficient enough to convey my feelings about it, but I'm compelled to elaborate. I could be in my brand new Aston Martin with a hot little number riding shotgun next to me holding two strawberry milkshakes, cruising through the cliffs of la jolla, ca 45 minutes before sunset and if I ran into some folks driving the same speed across all the lanes my day would be DESTROYED. Slightly exaggerating, but only slightly.

If that's the case in la jolla, why don't we sub in the following variables? 8:35AM, Scottsdale Rd, (alright, I like my car just fine), riding solo, empty bottle of water holds up? Not well, my friend. Not well.

All three lanes are moving just over 40mph and the speed limit is 45. For the first mile I'm trying less aggressive measures to get someone to move over. Closing the gap a bit, aiming a laser sighted rocket launcher at them; you know, just trying to not be a dick about it. 3rd mile and Bu is getting impatient.

Mercifully the guy in the right lane turns right. I jump in the lane and accelerate pretty hard. I touch 70 for only an instant before I catch the cop on a bike with his radar gun right on me.

He knows.

I know.


In the rear view I see him put the gun away and pull up to the intersection. Then it happens.

It all comes full circle.

The wave of speed matchers was completed and some dude took the spot of the other guy that moved. This created a block of traffic behind them. The cop could have made a split second decision to pull out and nab me, but such a choice wasn't made and he watched anxiously as cars streamed by him.

I took this opportunity to hang a right and explore the long route to work. I thought about the break I just received. About how I was going to be late for a meeting, but the detour was worth it. About how the tags on my license were expired and I really needed to contact my leasing company to get them to resend my new stickers.

3. Happy Trails, friend!

One of my closest friends will be taking a 3-month trip around the world. New York, DC, Malaysia, New Zealand, and India are all confirmed. The trip isn't all pleasure as there will be quite a bit of soul-searching and growth to be done. He's in for a massive change of scenery, but to be self-focused here (my freaking blog) the landscape of Phoenix will change a bit as well. The absence of a good friend to put a few beers back with does open avenues for other endeavors.

When he returns as a (hopefully) better and more well-rounded man, maybe he'll find the same happened to some of us here.


And I'm sure a thousand of other factors, but it's a nice feeling to know that what I do today will make me better, stronger, smarter for what waits tomorrow. It's also a nice feeling that my baseball team won the World Series recently. Suck it, JC.


Cole said...

I like to drive "quickly". lol That's a nice way to put it. This is way I'm not a huge fan of driving. I get road rage too often. That is cool about your friend. So what other endeavors are you talking about? Besides watching the lakers get killed by the suns?

Bu said...

And it continues.

I am an island.

I need to find a friend who doesn't care about basketball and call them my Laker fan. I had thought about just finding a girl to date, because of the obligatory "fan of boyfriend's team" status, but even that wouldn't help... unless she was from out of state. :)

I should put a to-do list on a blog entry, for some reason I'll feel more pressure to actually make good on these things but volunteering for the battered woman shelter and hospice of the valley would knock some things off the list. I would like to start writing again. I'm teaching myself an instrument. Re-balance my budget. Learn some more varied dishes. Can always up the workout routine (I'd love to keep with hot yoga, but that ish is expensive!) Read more. Decide if an MBA from ASU is worth it. Get a house/condo.

Ugh, I'm starting to fatigue myself just looking at all that. But I feel some positive momentum that will help me knock these down one at a time.

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