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Friday, June 11, 2010

(I'm) Lost - Entry 3

Season 2 Progress:

My current enjoyment level with the show:


She died! Saed got some and then they f'ing killed her!! Was a lame way to go too. Let's see... we're learning more about Anna Lucia, but not enough to not want to toss her into a human sized blender full of lemon juice and razor blades. I literally groan when she makes some idiotic command decision.

Character I would most like to toss into a human sized blender full of lemon juice and razor blades:

(wait for it)

  • It was weak how they dove into the story with the people from the back of the plane when Saed was going to bring the thunder down on Anna
  • Shannon was fun to look at
  • Charlie is kinda weird about Claire and her baby


Paula Ga said...

the truth is I never understood a lot of lost, because I saw all the chapters I hope to rent it and see it some day:)

Cole said...

Yah Anna Lucia was not my favorite. I think the whole Charlie/Clarie thing was sweet and thank God Shannon died in season 2??? She was annoying.

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