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Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's here.

<---- My future

Yep. Add some pigment, lose the dress, make some other alterations and that's me for the next X months.

But my real issue with summer, it's no so much the suffocating, stifling temperature; no, it's a combination of this:

Flaming (I do mean flaming) Sun


None of the following:

No football. Not yet.

No black mamba... though I am enjoying the season while it lasts...

Not even hockey.

... questionable photo there

On the sports tip, that's pretty self-explanatory. It's the dry season for sports. Just baseball. Although I'm all over the world cup! It's once every four years, so it's not something that can improve every summer.

So let's talk about the sun.

Skin color usually doesn't mean a whole lot. Usually. One of the cases where it does matter is when it comes to the sun. Are you near your television? Turn it on and check out Telemundo. Watch until they throw some hot spanish/mexican girl on there, should be about 3 seconds. Go ahead, I'll wait.


How tan was that girl? I'd venture to guess not very. Not a whole lot of tanning salons in Africa or India, but if they had a lightening booth, that ish would be selling like hot cakes. Hot cakes.

The fairness of the skin is a rather valued commodity to those ethnicities to which it does not come so easily.

That's a shitty job. To top it off those girls are probably talking about Edward or Sawyer... ;)

I've heard of families that would assess a person's "fairness" as heavily as general looks, personality, family background, etc when considering whether or not to offer their blessing for a wedding. (I am blessed that my parents are not so traditional, but you probably could have guessed that, huh? Bryant Gumbel and I are the whitest brown people alive...) But this fairness is kinda archaic. Hot is hot. But the past generation, even people like my parents, may have a hard time letting go of that concept.

So let's do the math:
summer sun + me = more tanned Bu = Bu is loved less by mom


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