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Monday, June 21, 2010

Image of the day + Monday Babble

This picture has probably saved my job. Venting on Facebook would NOT be a good idea.
A weird week ahead. Like I ACTUALLY have work to do. I drink coffee about once every three months, and I'm drinking it this morning. It's the worst coffee I've ever had. That seems like I'm exaggerating. Or because I'm in this particular moment now with this particular cup of coffee and I'm not fairly assessing my entire history with coffee, but trust me, it's true. Whoever in my office that brewed this has a cast iron tongue. And I'm not going to add sugar or creme or anything... when something is this bad I like to make a game of it. To see how much pain I can take (that Twilight mini marathon comes to mind!... KIDDING!!)

I hope everyone (all two or three of you) had a nice Father's Day weekend. I've never been able to conjure much (read: any) excitement for Father's Day, but yesterday was a little different because there are some daddies that are around my age and I really enjoy learning from them.

Highlight of the weekend
My dad is selling "our" (ahem, HIS) Porsche. It's a 1969 911 and I've had many fights with my father about taking that car from him and letting me paint it black. No deals. (I had this first quarrel with my father after I saw Cruel Intentions and I wanted an old classic ride to roll around in. Though I'm pretty sure that car was just a bit hotter than this one)

Anyhow, since he's about to sell it, we had to get it up and running over the weekend. So getting your hands dirty a little bit and then joyriding in a machine that is single-handedly pillaging the ozone isn't a bad way to end the weekend.

It's F'ING GREEN?!?! Who would do that in '69??

Will be sad to see it go.


Cole said...

umm I kind of love the green. and I love fb comments like that. They are always great reminders not to vent onilne. Did't people learn from myspace?

Cole said...

OH! and 1-you forgot the good color starburst on my counter- was that accidental or on purpose I have to know. and 2-you know when we go see eclipse you are secretly going to be dying to see it with us.

Bu said...

Really?? The green? I hated it when I was younger and it's kinda stayed with me. I've done idiotic things on FB myself, but never job related.

Ha ha, I remember leaving those. I would have TOTALLY taken them, but I was packing up all my stuff and I couldn't remember if I put the candy in my bag or on the counter. I actually picked them up and then I looked at you and I'm like, I'm not jacking her private supply that came from your Bat Cave (that was awesome, btw, hitting your stash to show me the glory of the special starbursts), so I really left it due to self-preservation.

And I won't lie, I'm TOTALLY looking forward to seeing it WITH you guys, but I'm somewhat confident that I wouldn't see it on my own. =)

Bu said...

I knew you wouldn't let that Twilight jab go... haha

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