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Friday, June 25, 2010

(I'm) Lost - Entry 4

My bud reminded me that I was falling behind on my Lost watching. Another one of the annoyances of home shopping, my discretionary time is less discretionary.

Season 2 Progress:

My current enjoyment level with the show:


An episode on Kate and what she did. I think they did a great casting job with Kate. She has that puzzling allure that is mysterious and hot at the same time. Her offing her Dad was pretty sweet. She spotted a horse in the jungle. Here's one of the annoying things about the show--- the saw (and killed) A F'ING POLAR BEAR. But Sawyer and Kate are in disbelief that a horse can be on the island. ... Yeah. Let's not sweat the polar bear but freaking Seabiscuit mobs in and jaws hit the ground???

Now, Kate's shock was a little more understandable because it looked like the same horse (was the same horse?) as the one that she saw as she escaped the police. There was some additional setup for Kate and Sawyer getting together at some point. Kate kissed Jack in a bitch move. Doesn't he know the bad boys always get the girl?? They are softening up Anna Lucia's character, at least a little.

The second episode was about Mr. Eko. Badass name. We got his backstory about the freedom fighters/drug running in Africa and the plane that was on the island. Mr. Eko and Lock watched the missing piece of the training video where it specifically tells you to not use the computer for anything else other than the numbers. We also have Micheal in the hatch supposedly talking to Walt on the computer. Doesn't look good for Big Mike. The biggest part of the episode seemed to be the smoke monster actually shown. It approaches Mr. Eko and it seems like there are figures, people, in the smoke. It hovers for awhile and then leaves. If I didn't hear about the smoke monster in passing I probably would have lead in with a WTF was that.

Person that I least want holding a machete when I'm standing near them:

Killed two mofos with one slice!!


Cole said...

I think the polar bear gets explained season 4. You'll get the horse thing season 6. ya takes awhile to get answers. but still so good!

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