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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game seven, best thing in sports

So, I've made a concerted effort to not make sports an active topic on my blog, but I have to say, Game Seven, fools. What's better than a game 7???

There are too many things where you have to wait for x or y variable to be resolved before you know the answer, but at the conclusion of game 7 on Thursday we'll know who the best bball team on the planet currently is.

And yes, I'm entirely aware that most people (any people?) that happen upon this blog will be anti-Lakers.

Such is life.

But I want to see Kobe with this look on Thursday night:

And we'll have to wait to Thursday to see if I'm devastated or elated... wouldn't have it any other way. BUT I will say that anyone who reads this blog should have some sort of sentiment for me and, thus, should give the Lakers a pass....

Not happening, huh?

Was worth a shot. Us against the world, lake show.


Paula Ga said...

WA i don't kown about that :S

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