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Friday, June 18, 2010

This is awesome


Cole said...

What the heck? How would someone go about learning to do that? And I'm surprised Bu. No lakers post? Did I miss it? I need to go back and check. Oh ya skittles are my fav, followed by starburst. If I'm going to eat chocolate I prefer snickers. Kit Kat & twix is all Kristin.

Bu said...

Hahahaha, you know I couldn't NOT post about the game.

What flavors of starburst? I need a buddy who loves the reds and oranges because I'm infatuated with the pink and yellows.

Twwwwixxxx... get in my belly........ You guys have better taste in candy than basketball teams!!

Cole said...

ha ha ha. starburst bags of all reds. The watermelon is aaaaammmmaazzzing. I hate the orange and yellows. I always give those ones to Micah. So mean I know. oh and I'm kind of a sucker for red vines too. and theres no "you guys". Stephen has completely opposite taste in candy. He's all about the dark chocolate and sour gummies. Did you ever do the tell your personality type by what candy you like game in school? I liked that experiment. We should play that next time everyone comes over.

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