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Monday, June 28, 2010

(I'm) Lost - Entry 5

Was pretty hungover yesterday which presented an awesome opportunity to catch up on some Lost. I think I stopped enjoying myself about halfway through and just demanded to have answers revealed, which, unsurprisingly, didn't happen.

Season 2 Progress:
1---------------------------------------24--26 (yes, that's ten episodes slain yesterday)

My current enjoyment level with the show:


Good thing I tossed Anna-Lucia into that blender when I had the chance... "Henry" was probably the biggest part of the episodes I just wrapped up. He's a weird dude. Micheal has been compromised and he offed Anna and ... lynn?... Hurley's would be girl. I don't know if I'll ever warm up to wide-load. I liked his imaginary friend more than him.

Mr. Eko is really growing on me. I like the story between Jack and his father.

There are two episodes left in the season. I'm excited to finish up this season:

Micheal is leading the group into a trap, Sayed is on the boat and they are approaching The Other's camp. So I'm excited to see what happens (I'm ready for Micheal to die) and...

they FINALLY brought back Desmond. They even did a little bit of a backstory episode on him, which was awesome.

Still don't like Claire. I'm actually more okay with Jack now. Sayed has been out of the loop. Ohh... I don't give a f about Rose or Bernard.


Cole said...

Libby. :) Ya I felt the same way about Rose & Bernard too. Desmond is the best!

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