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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Freaking Twilight. As much as I don't want to like you, you appreciate my favorite music and you've expanded my musical knowledge.

However, you DO distribute my down tempo ish to the masses of pre-pubescent girls out there.

I'll admit that it's probably worth it (though exposing Bon Iver was weak sauce) but when these bands come around they are going to get a venue like Dodge Theater packed with teens instead of something like the cozy, intimate Marquee and my lips will curse your name again...

C'est la vie... these bands are great. They deserve the attention.

Insider Tip:
Here is my favorite music site online: GrooveShark

It's real simple to listen to just about any song you want (full length) and you can create playlists.

And here is the Eclipse Soundtrack. I'm going to try to find these tracks or at least explore the artists I don't know and give them a listen throughout the day.

1. Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)
[couldn't find this song, but they are cool. Gold, guns, girls is getting a lot of play right now]
2. MUSE- Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
[Meh, song was okay. But I'm biased -- I loved their old sound. They now have this Keane + Queen hodgepodge that I'm not too crazy about. I think Citizen Erased is my favorite track by them.]
3. The Bravery- Ours
[couldn't find this song, but they are a nice band. Honest Mistake is probably their most recognizable track]
4. Florence + The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms
[Alright, Twilight, I give. I haven't heard of these guys, but they are pretty nice. Respect. Bird Song is the only track I tried out and it is pretty fun]
5. Sia- My Love
[No dice on the track, but she's great.
Breathe Me is still great.]
6. Fanfarlo- Atlas
[Never checked out before.
Drowning man is a catchy track. Arcade Fire esque]
7. The Black Keys- Chop And Change
[Not a huge fan yet, but I do like the song The Lengths quite a bit]
8. The Dead Weather- Rolling In On A Burning Tire
[reminds me of the White Stripes. Hang you from the heavens]
9. Beck and Bat For Lashes- Let's Get Lost
[low expectations here. not really a beck fan. bat for lashes isn't terrible but...]

10. Vampire Weekend- Jonathan Low
[kinda funny, I wondered if they would ever do a song for Twilight with their name. I didn't think their style would ever fit, but just goes to show... A-Punk is a good track]

11. UNKLE- With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)
12. Eastern Conference Champions- A Million Miles An Hour
[didn't find anything on them]

13. Band of Horses- Life On Earth
[LOVE band of horses, but didn't find the song]
14. Cee Lo Green- What Part of Forever
[what the f...]

15. Howard Shore- Jacob's Theme
[Musical score, didn't bother looking for it]

A good selection of artists. Definitely interested to hear what these tracks sound like. I'd have to say I'm more interested in this soundtrack than the movie itself... =)


Cole said...

Don't lie. You know you want to see the movie. You have only a few more weeks to watch new moon. better get on that. :)

Bu said...

hahaha, you are totally right. how about one day next week I'll rent it and bring that and some eats over to your place and you guys can slave through it with me?

I feel like if I watch it alone I'll be sucked into Edward's dreamy eyes...

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