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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Image of the Day + extra

I disagree with the caption.

Not a House fan and I'm still (and will always be) a HUGE Jen fan.

Brad is a freaking fool.

Cole-train tagged me (plus 300 or so people) on her blog and hit us off with the following questions:

1. Name 5 songs on your mixed cd from high school.

Ha ha. I was totally into the R&B scene back then. And a little harder rock.

R. Kelly
- Half on a Baby
Shai - Together Forever
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive
DMX - The Convo
Jesse Powell - You

Freaking embarrassing. Except for Deftones, they are still legit. (and that Shai song is still good... shhhhhh) Great question!!

2. What is your favorite board game of all time?

Umm... does chess count? If not I think Scattagories has shot up the charts. I could never get my parents to buy me MouseTrap, I think I would have really enjoyed that. I got it for my niece and guess who is going to play that with her when she finally opens it?? Guilty!

3. What is the strangest thing you have ever done with your hair?

The music thing isn't embarrassing enough, eh? Alright, for a very brief period in high school I had short hair but really long bangs. And I'd either let them hang or slick it back. ... You don't have to know me to know that it wasn't good. I remember talking to my ex-girlfriend during the summer while she was away on vacation and telling her that I cut my hair and made it all even. She asked if we could get back together. ...

Thank God high school is over. Freak...

Thanks Cole for having me dredge up those memories. For that I made a gift for you:

Hope you enjoy Eclipse tonight!!


Kristin said...

OK you HAVE to post a photo of this so called hair cut!!! laughing hard trying to picture it and i just cant get a good image going.. :))

Cole said...

hahahaha thats great. Thanks buddy

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