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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Image of the day + Weekend Recap

Well, that right there is the image of the day.

So looks like we're onto the weekend recap. When you get a weekend recap on Tuesday it was either a really good weekend or really bad weekend. Or a weekend with really good parts and really bad parts.

The last one applies here.

Some of you may have noticed that I was pretty amped for the weekend. Soccer + Friends + Drinks + Game night + Golf.

Well, let's simplify: number 3 on that list eliminated 5 from that list. =)

Game night. Legit. Such a good time and it's amazing what being around solid individuals can do for your spirit. You don't need to be doing something amazing to enjoy yourself fully... but it does help when you're drinking and playing Scattagories. Such a fun night and even capped it off with some hilarious Friends episodes.

Woke up early and headed over to my buddy's place. We had a plan in-place to work out and then enjoy the day of drinking, soccer, and bar games. When I got there it turned into skipping the workout and having breakfast at a dive bar (this bar is amazing -- basically Planet Hollywood on heroin-- almost pitch-black all day long, terrible 80s movies posters everywhere, foul-mouthed staff... just perfect. Ordered the 'Indigo Montoya' omelet with a bloody mary and screwdriver as we watched Young Guns 2 on the projector. Stellar. Then we made our way to the sports bar.

So now the bad parts of the weekend. US lost, as most of us should know. Suck. After that some guy across the bar started spouting off about "my" country receiving aid and how I should just be grateful to be visiting "his" country. It didn't even escalate verbally from there.

(I'd like to believe that most people know I'm a nice guy.
I'm also pretty laid back. The thing about that is that we all have aspects of our self. We all have personas that we wear as masks depending on the situation and audience. Sometimes it's just a dash of cayenne, some added flavor, like when you're disciplining a child and you need to be a little stern, but you're still you. ... And then there's the other kind, the kind where people who know you wouldn't recognize you at all.)

I essentially snapped.

Thankfully there were enough friends, patrons, and bouncer (only one, I'm not that strong, haha) to restrain and prevent me from getting involved in something about as idiotic as his comments. Displeased with myself. It's freaking Arizona. I run into these tools on a semi-regular basis... no excuse not to handle this better.



I mean a lot of Lost.

Over ten episodes. I was upset with myself for losing my temper so I placed myself in the penalty box and didn't let myself leave my room. It was actually pretty awesome.


Kristin said...

3 things -

1. nice pencil picture to go with game night ;) LOL! good thing i laugh at myself

2. your next post should be the story on loosing your temper! this is probably a good one considering the picture a captured the audience like you wished. 2 we wouldn't have recognized you 3 was n a bar involved a bouncer and tools!

3. lost while locked up in your room is not a punishment. maybe for me. but not for you!

Sarah Allen said...

Just gotta say. Ben Linus is my favorite character ever ever ever.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

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