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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dirty 30

One of my closest friends is celebrating his 30th today.

We're pretty much inseparable when we're in the same town and people tend to notice that we have a close friendship when we go out.

So, wow, quite a few years ago we started a game that I'll clue you in on.

People always ask us, "so, how'd you guys meet? how come you guys are so close?"

That was getting kinda tiresome so we started doing that thing where you make up a story and pass it to the other person. Past stories include (but are not limited to):
- i stole his girl
- he stole my girl

- we met during a threesome (with one of the girls from above)
- i saved his life during rock climbing (complete with hand gestures)
- he taught me how to salsa dance outside of a club so i could take home a latin girl

It has been an interesting year for him; tragic and revitalizing. I'm astounded by his growth and courage through adversity and I'm going to make him actually click on my blog link so he can see this himself.

Love you, Tito Von Broseph...


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